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Tea & Cultural Event
(Sunday, September 25, 2011)
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Forum & Workshop in
Conjunction with DePaul

Friday, September 30 -
Saturday, October
1, 2011
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Dear Guest:

Let me extend a warm welcome to you!  Whether you are Belizean, a descendant of Belizeans or just someone
who is interested in Belize, I thank you for taking the time to browse our website and learn about what we are
doing to showcase Belize, its culture and its heritage.  Belize has a rich and diverse culture that is inviting to
anyone who chooses to explore it.  Considered one of Mother Nature's best kept secret, it is simply remarkable
how this small country located on the Yucatan Peninsula is an adventurer's paradise. From the numerous
species of animal, birds and flowers to the Barrier Reef, the Maya Ruins, the Rainforest, you cannot ask for
anything more splendiferous. Yes our land and the Caribbean Sea are spectacular; our food something to die
for; but most importantly, the people are truly amazing and will enthrall you with hospitality.

Boasting a history that dates back to 7500 BC when the Archaic Tribes roamed the area that's now Belize, we
have seen the arrival of the Mayans, the Baymen, the Africans, the Garinagu, the Mestizos, East Indians, Chinese
and more. Today, Belize is a melting pot of cultural delight. So feel free to roam our site, see our upcoming
events and become a member or a supporter of our cause.  Also, take a moment to send us your feedback. Let
us know what we can do to make your journey more pleasant and how we can bring Belize and its culture into
your living room for you to enjoy.

Hope to hear from you soon.


Sharon Staine

Our Mission
To Enhance the Culture and Preserve the Heritage of Belize

Our vision (two-fold)
1)  To spread awareness through cultural events, workshops, exhibits, educational programs and
dissemination of information on issues and matters affecting Belize

(2) To assist organizations in Belize

Our Motto
One Country, Many Cultures