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The Executive Board of HACEB consists of ten individuals who conduct the day-to-day activities of the
organization.  These individuals as per our by-Laws, hold the titles of President/Chief Executive Officer, Vice
President, Treasurer, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, Cultural Director, Foreign Affairs Director, Membership
Director, Marketing/PR Director and Auditor.  Below is a brief description of their responsibilities of their
responsibilities.  A more detail description can be found in the complete By-Laws of HACEB.

  • Runs the organization being the principal decision maker for the organization, including media, public
    relations and publications
  • Presides over the General Assembly, Advisory Board and Executive Body Committee meetings
    (responsible for agendas)
  • Board of Directors liaison to the organization
  • Along with any other authorized officer shall sign all deeds, titles and other documents relative to HACEB

Vice President:
  • Assumes the duties of the President in his/her absence
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the President

  • Maintains all accounts in the name of HACEB with accredited financial institutions
  • Sole custodian of all HACEB funds and shall disburse the funds as mandated by the Executive Board
  • Co-signs along with the President  or any other authorized officer, all disbursements of HACEB
  • Keeps proper books of accounting showing the accurate financial status

  • Record and maintain all meeting minutes for the organization
  • Custodian of the Corporate seal
  • Custodian of all HACEB records and documents
  • Along with the President, handles all correspondence required for conducting official business

Assistant Secretary:
  • Assumes the duties of the Secretary in his/her absence
  • Assist the Secretary as necessary

Foreign Affairs Director:
  • Responsible for the distribution of all products shipped to Belize
  • Act as Liaison between HACEB and partnering organizations
  • Responsible for ensuring that all partnering organizations are in good standing with HACEB

Cultural Director:
  • Along with the President, responsible for developing various cultural programs and ensuring that they are
    implemented accordingly
  • Responsible for cultural outreach with other organizations

Marketing Director/PR:
  • Responsible for marketing HACEB to interested parties
  • Responsible for the media and public relations activities of HACEB
  • Responsible for sponsorship outreach

Membership Director:
  • Responsible for membership recruitment and retention
  • Responsible for forming alliance with other organization and encouraging membership promotion

  • Must have experience or formal accounting experience (CPA preferred)
  • Supervise all books of accounts, review accounting methods and counsel on preparation of the annual
  • Act as liaison to an independent Public Accountant for the sake of auditing the accounts of HACEB
  • Shall not be a signatory to any disbursement drawn on any fund account of HACEB