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The preservation of our cultural heritage is of major importance to our society.  Our ancestors have created a
pathway over many eras that depicts historical development on which we can and should build in order to frame
our future.

The focus of this section is to provide the tools necessary to enlighten and pass on the knowledge of our
heritage to future generations.  HACEB's objective is to ensure that our heritage is not neglected.  We plan to
build awareness through documentary presentation on the history of Belize and the ethnic journeys of its
settlers.   Additionally, we intend to spread further awareness through exhibits, workshops, pamphlets and

If you would like to assist us in 'preserving the past', 'defining the present' and 'educating for the future,’ we urge
you to donate or contribute articles, artifacts and any other materials instrumental to the heritage/culture of
Belize.   We welcome information from a wide range of research interests and cultural perspectives.