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Belize has long been considered a melting pot.  With many different
ethnic groups, the culture of Belize is so diverse that it is like no other in
the world.  Our heritage encompasses people of numerous ancestry that
represent worldwide traditions and values.  If you should travel to Belize
and happen to venture the entire country, you are likely to meet a diaspora
of people ranging from the mestizos in the north to the Mayans and
Garifuna in the south in addition to many other groups in between.

Know, however, that we are not only known for our diversity with respect to
our ethnicity; our small country has a natural richness of which there is no
comparison.  We are pleased to say that Belize is known for its marine
life, its forestry, its fauna and the Mayan ruins to name a few.  With all this
to offer, when you think about it, many visitors come for the beauty of the
country, but stay or keep coming back for the food, music and its people.

Our People
At one time the Creoles (Kriols) made up approximately half of the
population of Belize.  Today, the Mestizos make up the largest percentage
of Belizeans.  Nonetheless, each ethnicity Creoles (Kriols), Garifuna,
Mayan, Mestizo, East Indians, Chinese and others share the Belizean
culture in addition to their own.

Our Food
Belizean food, like its people, is unique.  We are noted for having the
Caribbean as well as the Latin flavor.  We relate to our traditional Sunday
dinner of rice and beans, stew chicken, potato salad and plantains.  But
we also know how to make some good panades, enchiladas, garnaches
and tamales.  Of course, we can't leave out the relleno, chimole and
escabeche.  Because Belize is a home for wildlife, on your next visit, why
not be daring and try our iguana, hicatee or gibnut meat.  I hear with white
rice, it is delicious!!!

Our Music
Like food, each ethnic group has its traditional music, which identifies
with who they are and where they came from.  Music such as the
Brukdong (Creole), the Punta (Garifuna) and the Meringue and Salsa
(Mestizos) are favored throughout the majority of the Country.

In Belize, many characters and definitions define what represents our
culture.  For example, the telling of stories with characters such as
Anancy, Tata Duhende, Warrie Master, and Jacko Lantern were customary
of folklore.  In addition, there were games like bruk maka chista, folk
dances like fire sambai and kunjaj and Christmas celebrations such as
Jancunu and Bram.
Culture whether we choose to
realize it or not, is deep rooted and
reflective of what we term
meaningful in the life of a
community.   With respect to Belize,
were passed along through oral
traditions and are no longer a

Remember when we used to say
Yu dressup no puss bak fut
(You're dressed to impress)

Cow no bizniz ina haas galop!!
(mind your own business)

Yu coulda lie suga outta bun.
(Person tells a lot of lies)

Fishaman nevva seh e fish stink
(Someone would never talk about
himself nor his family)

Yu wahn get am wen fowl gat teet.
You will never get it)
Our Culture