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Through arts, crafts, dancing, workshops and other activities, we aspire to
offer quality programs that will inspire children and adults to appreciate
our culture and help in its preservation.  We plan to work diligently to
garner a good understanding of what our culture and traditions mean.  In
our workshops, we guarantee that all registrants will have an interactive,
hands on approach to learning about Belize and its diverse culture.

Our Cultural events encompass a myriad of activities ranging from our
Annual Exhibit at the Skokie Festival of Cultures to our Tea and Cultural
Event.  Below is just a snapshot of what we plan this year.

Cultural Exhibit about Belize at the Skokie Festival of Cultures
This is a yearly exhibit that occurs the weekend before Memorial Day
weekend.  We are one of over thirty cultures at the festival and
participating in it gives us a venue to showcase the culture of Belize.  
Normally we gear our theme around a particular person or aspect of
Belize.  In 2008, we did a tribute to Andy Palacio and the Garifuna people.  
In addition to being at the festival and having an exhibit booth, we also
have the opportunity to have the Belize flag displayed at times significant
to Belize in a small park located at the Evanston/Skokie, Illinois border.  
The flag usually flies during the months of September to mark our
Independence, in November to mark Garifuna Settlement Day and at
some other time as we see fit.

Cultural Workshop
Our cultural workshop is design to show individuals the joys of growing
up in Belize.  The workshops can encompass  an Arts & Crafts section,
which may feature kaparuchi and kite making; a Sweet Corner, which
demonstrates ways for making treats such as fudge, stretch-mi-guts,
kuttabrute; a dance session, etc.

Tea & Cultural Celebration
This event is in celebration of our Colonization and Independence
anniversaries.  Our guests (the socialites) dress appropriately for the
occasion with their hats and gloves. Proper etiquette is taught on how to
drink tea as they dine on dainty sandwiches, bite-sized patties and

The event is a joyous one with a representation of what goes on during
the September celebrations in Belize.  We feature a carnival dance, hat
parade, sing patriotic songs and jump up as we would on Independence

Other Activities
As we continue to grow, so does our vision.  We have many other
celebrations planned for the years to come.  The culture of Belize is alive
and vibrant and we intend to keep it that way.  We plan to Bram, Dance,
drink Tea, Jump up, Parade, do Pageants, Tell stories and Sing our way
into the hearts of Belizeans and all those who love Belize.  There is a story
to tell and a huge picture to paint and we hope that you (all) will
accompany us on the way as we pass on the tradition.
"You can read and write Kriol)

Wahn gud helpa

Di geko da whn lizad weh luk yelo
eena kala. In fak, di geko aalmoas
waahn luk see-chroo. Yu kuda nayli si
rait troo ih badi.  Bot da noh di kala
weh so inchrestin bowt di geko. Da di
fak dat kakroach neva liv tu lang rong
geko. Chek ahn owt fi yuself. If yu mek
sohn geko live eena yu hows, da nayli
laik yu ga kanstant eksterminayta di
werk fi yu. Fu chroo, fu chroo.  Yu
hows wahn haadli gat eni kakroach.

Geko aalso gat too speshal ting bowt
dehn.  Dehn oanli laik kohn owt da
nait -- sayhn taim kakroach laik kohn
owt tu!  An dehn kud waak opsaidong
pahn di waal, pahn di seelin ahn
kraas eni kain a kownta tap er
adarels kain a tap.

Di geko dehn help kip yu hows free
fahn dehn kreepi kraali kakroach.  
Noh jos di lee lee kakroach dehn, bot
dehn big roach tu.  Eni kain a
kakroach ron fahn geko!

-- Nicholas Pollard, Sr.
adapted from Weh Ah Gat Fi Seh
The Reporter, May 18, 1997