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BCHA Board of Trustees will be comprised of at least five members and the President/CEO of the organization.  
As a member of the Board, each individual is expected to understand their role and pursue it with passion to
accomplish the organization’s mission.  In order to be effective, the Board must carry out his/her responsibilities
based on guidelines set forth in the Board Handbook and/or By-Laws (These responsibilities are determined by
the powers, duties, and responsibilities delegated to it or conferred on it by an authority outside itself).   

The responsibilities of the board members may vary based on the nature of the organization and its jurisdiction;
however the typical duties of the Boards will include:

  • To define, protect, and advance the mission of the organization
  • To safeguard the assets (human, financial, and property) of the organization (fiduciary responsibility,
    conflict of interest)
  • To support the executive director
  • To be ambassadors to the world on behalf of the organization
  • To ensure adequate resources to carry out the mission

Please note that our Board members are not paid; however, they may be eligible for travel reimbursement if
warranted and approved prior to event.