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The Advisory Board of BCHA was formed to assist in providing necessary guidance to the organization.  It is not
governed by legal statue and operates based on an as needed basis according to the rules set forth by BCHA.  
However, like any relationship, if it is to function effectively, we expect that the following guidelines should be
taken into consideration.

Duties of the Advisory Board:  
  • aid in the development and teaching of the next generation
  • bring additional depth and breadth to planning future activities and events
  • counsel on how to achieve success within the organization
  • help expand and diversify the objectives of the organization
  • provide specific assistance in assuring the continued success of the organization

Leadership for the Advisory Board:
The president/CEO of the Organization will provide leadership and direction as to what is required from the
Advisory Board.  Over time and with increasing size, the Board may be allowed to elect its own leader.

The Advisory Board of BCHA consists of five members.  However, the size and composition of the Board can
change over time as the organization grows.

No authority is needed to carry out statutory requirements.  An advisor needs only the amount of authority that is
consistent with his / her duties.

BCHA would like to have meetings on a quarterly basis.  However the frequency will depend on whether the
advisors need to interace amongst themselves.  The Advisory Board does not need to meet in person and can
use teleconference or other web conference as a source for discussion.  The main focus will be to have them
available via telephone or email to discuss pertinent issues if warranted (Because of the nature of the matters
that may be discussed, members will need to sign a confidentiality agreement).  Meeting minutes will be taken
and distributed at each meeting.

No compensation will be awarded.  All members agree to give their time freely.  If it is necessary that they attend
an event or meeting where travel is necessary, members may be reimbursed provided that prior permission is
granted and money is available in the budget.  

Benefits of an Advisory Board:
  • Acquisition of high powered talent and expertise
  • Fresh, objective evaluation of needs, talents and opportunities
  • Major assistance in the tough decisions the Organization needs to make
  • Significant strengthening of the organization's planning process
  • Mature, knowledgeable guidance for better development of a coherent, innovative strategy

Advisory Board Members:
Thank you for agreeing to give your well-needed talent and expertise to advise BCHA on its future direction.  We
cannot begin to explain how much your assistance will benefit the organization and we appreciate your kind